Please take care

Recent incidents.

There have been two recent accidents on the golf course which resulted in players being injured requiring hospital treatment.

A member was hurt whilst teeing off from the 18th hole by an approach shot to the 17th green.

A visitor was hurt when he walked ahead of play and was struck by a ball which was shanked travelling almost at right angles.

17th hole
When playing your approach shot to the 17th green, please give consideration to the proximity of players who could be on the 1st green,2nd tee or 18th tee beds.

If you cannot see where your golf ball will land, you should shout fore.

Please do not walk ahead of players until they have played their shot.

Care 6th Hole

Astro Turf Path to the left is slippy and has been roped off - please do not use.

8th Hole Safety Procedure

Please be aware of the ongoing procedure for playing the 8th hole.

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