Golf Buggies Prices and Booking Information

Members/visitors who cannot otherwise play without the aid of a golf buggy due to medical reasons should contact the Business Manager for possible permission for the use of a buggy.

Please note that we will require a letter from a GP/Specialist to explain the medical reason why a buggy is required and that the player cannot otherwise play without its use.

Please also note that for safety reasons, the Club may at its discretion restrict the use of buggies to certain parts of the golf course from time to time.

When buggies are permitted on the golf course without restriction, the following applies.

Nelson Golf Club have two Electric Golf Buggies for hire - £20 per round (£25 per day) for a visitor.

Buggies may need to be booked in advance by contacting the Professional Shop tel 01282 617000.

Golf Buggies Terms of Use

1. Two seat buggies are available to hire at Nelson Golf Club via the Professional Shop.

2. The maximum occupancy of the buggy shall be 2 persons and 2 golf bags.

3. Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to hire buggies.

4. All golfers intending to use a buggy on the course, must register in the Professional’s shop before commencing play and make payment.

5. The Head Greenkeeper will have absolute authority to restrict or prohibit the use of buggies.

6. Any buggy user who fails to adhere to the buggy route or who drives in an irresponsible and / or dangerous manner may be removed from the course and / or prohibited from using a buggy in the future. No refund for payment made shall be given.

7. Any buggy user who in the opinion of Council causes non accidental damage to the buggy and / or property of Nelson Golf Club as a result of irresponsible use shall be liable for the full cost of repairs / replacement. Furthermore, the Club’s Insurers could refuse to accept liability for third party claims due to irresponsible use and the user causing such damage to persons / property would therefore be personally liable.

8. Should the buggy malfunction and not be able to be driven, it should be left where possible in a position that does not cause any obstruction to following players. The Professional Shop should be advised as soon as possible – mobile phone use is acceptable for this purpose tel 01282 617000. A pro rata refund will be given for incomplete holes.

9. At the end of your round the keys must be returned to the Professional shop and not left in the buggy. Any accidental damage incurred must be reported immediately.

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